Individual & Group Counseling

At Golden Willow Retreat, we recognize that there are as many types of grief as there are individuals living in the world. Whether an individual is experiencing stress due to relationship problems, a family crisis, or health issues, we all need to express our feelings and have someone to listen and support us. It is very important to feel safe and sane as you work through challenges and issues. You are not alone. We honor everyone’s process and your own personal path, realizing that grief is an individual path in which support is needed as one moves through the process.

"I feel emotionally renewed and I am grateful for everything I have learned at GWR and the things I will continue to learn on my path of healing." – J A

Continuing Care – Relapse Recovery

Connecting addiction to past and present losses as well as the grief of surrendering to having an addiction, not having control, allows one to release old patterns and behaviors as well as identifying those triggers, find serenity amongst the chaos and continue to nurture a healthy life and connect with a higher power of their own understanding. Individual and family members both can benefit from this type of recovery program.

"The accommodations were fabulous and the staff so attentive. What a sacred spot you have created that holds the healing work that you do. Thank you for all your insights and tools, I will miss everyone, but I have you all in my heart." – S B

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